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Advertising Evolution at Scale

Elevate your brand's impact with our precision-driven DSP and meticulously tailored User Acquisition services. Our Creative Studio and specialized SEO and ASO techniques further amplify your digital prominence.

Tailored Digital Advertising Agency

In the advertising industry, finding the perfect monetization options while ensuring top-notch traffic quality for your brand can be a challenging task. At DiscoverTech, we understand these challenges, and that's why we offer only the highest caliber of traffic: preload and programmatic through our DSP. We take pride in providing our clients with a gateway to global fraud-free traffic, connecting your brand with real users.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering unparalleled services for our clients. With a multinational team spanning multiple cities across the globe, rest assured that we will always have someone available to cater to your requests.

In addition to our powerful DSP and premium traffic solutions, we are delighted to offer User Acquisition services. Our expertise in acquiring users effectively will drive your brand's growth and success in the competitive digital landscape.

DiscoverTech - Your Partner in Driving Results and Connecting Your Brand with the World.



Turning Your Audience Into Customers

Optimize campaigns and mobile performance with our comprehensive DSP and gain access to powerful
solutions that make the media buying process effortless

Catalyzing Brand Growth and Success


Run AI-Powered programmatic ad campaigns across channels, formats, geos and business verticals with a minimum budget and maximum ROI

Advanced Targeting & Re-Targeting

Reach and re-engage users throughout their path with tailored ad formats, delivered across the world's best publishers and designed for measurable performance


We have unrestricted access to top-ranking apps with 1+ billion daily active users from top-tier placements on a worldwide ad exchange


Clean traffic and top-quality inventory ensured though our robust partnerships with industry leaders

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reporting for agile customization and broad control of campaigns

Ready to give it a try?

Start your campaign today

and turn bounces into bounce-backs

Reach Users that Matter

Optimize campaigns and mobile performance with our comprehensive DSP and gain access to powerful solutions that make the media buying process effortless


Choose by country and city, latitude-longitude or specific IP lists


Select based on device brands and models

OS & Browser

Android, iOS, Windows, etc. for OS and Chrome, Safari


Cater your campaign directly to publishers and particular exchanges

Lookalike Targeting

Find and target users who behave like your best converting customers


Target your campaign to specific mobile carriers

Ad Format

Choose from the most engaging videos, native, rich media and banner ads


Run your campaign on specific hours, days and weeks


Target your audience by their age, gender and linguistics

We Are Working with Industry Leaders


And Many More

Engage Your Most
Valuable Users

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